Reliable And Accurate Outsourcing Services For Our Clients


At MOS, quality is of utmost priority. We deliver reliable and accurate outsourcing services for our clients in the medical, legal, business, online media, and other sectors. We have qualified and experienced staff and state-of-the-art technology that enable us to provide services that will meet and exceed your expectations.

We Ensure Effective Quality Control


We focus on achieving complete client satisfaction in each and every project we undertake. To make sure that all your business requirements have been fulfilled, we take special effort to maintain effective quality control management.


We have QA in all departments to make sure that the work is constantly monitored. Our team is focused on consistently providing quality assurance services on time and within
budget to its clients.


  • Provide quality checks that are tailored to the specific needs of individual projects
  • Ensure the quality of our work comprehensively within the turnaround time you specify
  •  Pay attention to the smallest project details to reduce client risks and minimize errors.


Quality Control
We understand how complicated the documentation and the projects can be, coming from different clients with unique requirements. That’s why every record we return is put through a multilevel quality control process. Each project is supervised by a specialist team leader who checks the documents for precision and completeness.
Reaching Client Regularly
We will communicate regularly with the client or an appointed representative, to make sure that all details and requirements are met correctly and in accordance with their projects. To keep you updated, we also generate regular QA reports. These reports track the work logs of every individual in the office.

Contact us at our toll-free number: 1-800-670-2809 for detailed information about the quality assurance process we implement.